Stop trying to go “OH-NO-I-DIDN’T-STEAL-ANYONE’S-GIF” as an excuse on graphic makers.

When a graphic maker goes to your ask box and starts warning that YOU ARE REPOSTING, IT MEANS YOU ARE REPOSTING. Cause firstly, we are not dumb. We aren’t some tumblr users who will just randomly pick on somebody to “argue” with, when in the first place you are asking for an “argument”. Most of us have been on tumblr long enough. As for me, long enough to know what’s a quality blog and what’ not.

What I meant by a quality blog [in my own dictionary] is when I can find links or tags in the blog which will bring me to the graphics that are made by them with their watermark. What a NON-quality blog to me is when all of your posts are basically… reposted. Even if there are reblogs, majority of the post are reposted graphics that do not belong you.

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